About Us


Bloomfield Installations, formally M. Bloomfield and sons, are a well-established company based in the heart of Suffolk that have been serving the farming community for over 100 years.

In 2007, Bloomfield Installations joined Ben Burgess & Co to become part of the growing family firm based in Norwich.

Bloomfield Installations offer a niche business of refurbished grain handling equipment to both the farming and industrial areas of Agriculture. We have supplied not only across the UK, but further afield into Europe, Africa and even as far as New Zealand.

Bloomfield Installations specialise in the supply and installation of second hand/used Grain conveying and storage equipment, as well as the animal feed side of milling and mixing.

Since joining Ben Burgess, Bloomfield Installations have not only been supplying machinery for grain but for Bio-mas, wood chip and recycling plants across the UK. With an increased demand for capacity, Bloomfield Installations endeavour to find more equipment to sell at a reasonable cost. The team take pride in their work and in the ability to offer this unique service.

Under the management of Chris Coe since joining Ben Burgess, Bloomfield Installations have gone from strength to strength, adding new customers to their existing client base and providing them with the best service possible.


Bloomfields – Services provided:

  • Supply of new and second hand grain handling equipment.
  • Supply of new and used conveying equipment.
  • Supply of new and used mill and mixing equipment.
  • Installation services of machinery and plants.
  • Servicing of plants, mills and grain stores.
  • Equipment breakdowns.
  • Supply of parts and spares for new and used grain handling equipment.
  • Supply of parts and spares for new and used mill and mixing machines.
  • Fabrication on parts for existing or obsolete machines.
  • Fabrication of equipment to customer’s specifications.
  • General fabrication.


“I would like to say, in the years that I have personally been dealing with Bloomfield Installations I have always found all of the staff, both office and workshop, to be helpful and friendly, and dealing with them is a pleasure. – Colin Johnston, Tey Farm Systems. (Great Tey, Essex)’

“I have dealt with Bloomfield Installations for some years and always found the Staff to be helpful and knowledgeable, particularly on Carier machinery and Spares. – Colin Seaward, Watson and Haig Grain Systems LTD. (Stockbridge, Hampshire)”